Rebecca’s new blog

Welcome to my blog!

I’m excited to say that my new blog is now up and running, but please bear with me whilst I get the hang of this – it’s all new to me 🙂

I’ll be adding features to the site over the next few months and look forward to chatting with everyone.

Becky  x

7 comments on “Rebecca’s new blog

  1. OMG Rebecca I did not know there was writer’s like you! I am new to this genre but i love it! Actually I wish you would use my name as one of your characters. How did you get involved in this. I was reading some of your material when I was at work and um…something sort of humiliating happened. it blows my mind. wow!


    • Many thanks for your comments Donald.

      I love to receive feedback from my readers and I’m glad that you’ve found my stories enjoyable…apologies if it’s caused you any awkward moments! 😉

      I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing erotica. I love to explore those fantasies that are commonly held but maybe not so commonly shared. If I can strike an inner chord with my readers at the same time as providing an erotic thrill then my job is done!

      Watch this space in the months to come for future releases, you never know when you may recognise something of yourself in one of the characters.

      Becky x


      • omg yes Please please use my name as a character. The awkward moments i had I think will require a diaper and plastic panties if I continue to read your stories. Any suggestions?


      • I’m guessing that it’s the diaper stories that have piqued your interest so far and it sounds as though you have things covered…quite literally! 😉

        My best suggestion would be to carry on enjoying the stories and I hope I can continue to provide the types of storylines that interest yourself and my other readers.

        Happy reading! 🙂

        Becky x


    • Hi Donald,

      As I’m sure you’ll understand I can’t make any promises regarding the use of any suggested story ideas. As a published author I do need to be cautious with regard to using ideas for storylines that aren’t actually my own and I also have a number of storylines already in the pipeline for the coming months, however, I would be happy to take a look at your idea and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can work with. Even if it’s not it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea…just that it may not suit my particular style of writing or creative bent as it were.

      You can contact me using the contact page on the web site, and yes, I do think you’re going to need some fresh diapers and rubber panties to wear…we can’t have you messing yourself every time you read one of my stories now…can we? 😉

      Becky x


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