The Wonder of eBooks

It already seems that ebooks have been available to the general populace for an absolute age, but this is clearly a relatively recent phenomenom.  Only a few years ago we were all still reliant on the traditional printed word for our supply of written materials. And now, with the growth of self published ebooks the market has been opened up as never before.

Never before has the author had the ability to reach an audience so readily with the subject matter of their choice.  This must be even more true of the authors of erotic fiction than almost any other genre.

It makes you realise just how restrictive access was to any kind of erotic literature at one time, let alone some of the more…shall we say ‘kinky’ persuasions!  I relish the idea that I can fulfill my readers desire for the less mainstream of erotic tales, and explore those desires that dwell inside so many of us yet remain a taboo subject to the vast majority of society.

Hmmm, that said…I think I’d better get back to my writing, so many kinks and so little time to write about them!

Becky x


For the love of boots!

Is there anything quite like buying that new pair of shiny high heeled boots?

Personally…I don’t think so.

There’s something quite overpoweringly sensual involved as you pull them over your feet to experience that lovely snug feeling and tug that zipper all of the way to the top.

The way they make you feel, the way they make you look…it’s just so damned sexy!

So, in my humble opinion you can never have too many pairs of high heeled boots in your closet, because no matter how full that space becomes; there’s always room for just one more pair.

Isn’t that right girls??

Becky x

New Title Released

I’m happy to say that the latest in my Taboo Feminisation collection has now been published on Amazon, albeit under a slightly revised title – Our Feminised Brother.

This is the tale of Simon and his step siblings.

Simon has always been in the shadow of his athletic older stepbrother Brad and stunningly attractive younger stepsister Tanya.  When he inadvertently finds himself being dressed in Tanya’s cheerleader uniform whilst in a local restaurant, his journey of feminisation has only just begun.

Coerced into wearing his sister’s lingerie once back at home and under strict instructions not to dress as a boy whilst their parents are away, he is soon performing the kind of sexual acts that he has only ever read about in smutty magazines.

Forced to confront his own growing feelings of desire and fulfillment in his new female guise as Simone.  He can only begin to guess at where this unexpected transformation into the plaything of his step siblings will eventually take him.

Now for the warning – As always this is a sexually explicit story containing scenes of oral sex, masturbation and feminisation and all characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

I’ve had fun writing this collection and am already planning the sixth and final instalment of this particular story set.  As always it is intriguing to explore some of the more taboo sides of human sexual nature in what I hope is an enjoyable and stimulating read.

Becky x

Early beginnings…

I often wonder about the early experiences of a Transgendered persons crossdressing.

It seems a common occurrence that the first tentative steps of self discovery are made within the family home and at a relatively young age.

It’s a side to the common experience of crossdressers that is seldom discussed, maybe with a view that it can sometimes be seen as shameful or embarrassing to admit that one secretly wore the clothes of ones sister or mother in the home when no other avenue to explore their inner feelings was open to them.

It is a sad indictment of society’s attitudes that such a harmless and non threatening form of behaviour can be treated as though it were almost a crime.  That many crossdressers have grown up with strong feelings of guilt as a result.

I know not all families would seek to repress their childrens inner desires and it is refreshing when learning of parents that would actively participate in allowing their children to express themselves in a non conventional way.

Let’s hope that the world continues to become more enlightened and that Transgendered folk can be given the opportunity to thrive into adulthood without taking such wasteful and negative feelings with them.

Becky x


Having just returned from the good ol’ USA, I find that my latest book release on Amazon has unfortunately been delayed.

I’m sure this is a scenario that a number of self published writers will face, and although I’m certain it is just a temporary blip it is frustrating nonetheless – not just for myself but also for my readers I’m sure.

I just hope the new title is not too erotically taboo for publication!  😉

Please watch this space for further updates as I endeavour to put my latest story into the hands of my readers.

Becky x