Early beginnings…

I often wonder about the early experiences of a Transgendered persons crossdressing.

It seems a common occurrence that the first tentative steps of self discovery are made within the family home and at a relatively young age.

It’s a side to the common experience of crossdressers that is seldom discussed, maybe with a view that it can sometimes be seen as shameful or embarrassing to admit that one secretly wore the clothes of ones sister or mother in the home when no other avenue to explore their inner feelings was open to them.

It is a sad indictment of society’s attitudes that such a harmless and non threatening form of behaviour can be treated as though it were almost a crime.  That many crossdressers have grown up with strong feelings of guilt as a result.

I know not all families would seek to repress their childrens inner desires and it is refreshing when learning of parents that would actively participate in allowing their children to express themselves in a non conventional way.

Let’s hope that the world continues to become more enlightened and that Transgendered folk can be given the opportunity to thrive into adulthood without taking such wasteful and negative feelings with them.

Becky x

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