The Wonder of eBooks

It already seems that ebooks have been available to the general populace for an absolute age, but this is clearly a relatively recent phenomenom.  Only a few years ago we were all still reliant on the traditional printed word for our supply of written materials. And now, with the growth of self published ebooks the market has been opened up as never before.

Never before has the author had the ability to reach an audience so readily with the subject matter of their choice.  This must be even more true of the authors of erotic fiction than almost any other genre.

It makes you realise just how restrictive access was to any kind of erotic literature at one time, let alone some of the more…shall we say ‘kinky’ persuasions!  I relish the idea that I can fulfill my readers desire for the less mainstream of erotic tales, and explore those desires that dwell inside so many of us yet remain a taboo subject to the vast majority of society.

Hmmm, that said…I think I’d better get back to my writing, so many kinks and so little time to write about them!

Becky x

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