Love the writing…hate the admin!

I’m currently finishing off the last in the current collection of Taboo Feminisation stories and I have to say, I’m enjoying it hugely!

Of course, the non-writing admin tasks are always there in the background and I know I’ll have to face them at some point…it’s just so much nicer to simply write, especially when it’s a hot erotic story that’s taking up my time.

I suppose every job has the less enjoyable aspects to it. Oh well, it’s probably too late to do them now, so I’ll just have to carry on writing for a while I think…such a hard decision.

Oh…if anyones wondering which book I’m currently finishing off…here’s the new cover. 🙂

cimp cover

Becky x

By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

2 comments on “Love the writing…hate the admin!

  1. OH GOD OMG Is that a picture of you?? Why did you send that book cover page I was at work on my break when i looked at it and something extremely humiliating happened to me and everyone in the office saw. women dressed exactly like that make me um…well …you know. OMG I can’t believe what happened to me?


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