New title on its way!

I couldn’t wait to share this I’m afraid!

My new title is winging its way towards publication so I wanted to share the latest book cover.

For fans of schoolgirl feminisation stories this will be a must read addition to their kinky little book shelves 🙂

Final Cover 2

It should be available next week, so…

Sexy reading everyone!

Becky x

By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

Busy, busy, busy…


I’ve finally managed to update my book links with the new locations they’re now available from. I’m also very excited to say that the Taboo Feminisation Collection will soon (in a month or so) be available in print via Amazon.

I’m now furiously enjoying writing my next release…can you furiously enjoy something?? If so, I am…in fact I have two new projects on the go at present and they’re both cumming together very nicely. Oops…was that the right word 😉

I don’t usually announce my new books ahead of time, but if anyone’s interested in schoolgirl feminisation then I think you’re just going to love my next book.

Unfortunately I’ve lapsed a little in my blog updates of late due to other commitments but I’ll certainly be looking to remedy that over the next few weeks.

So until next time, sexy reading everyone!

Becky x