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Are some secrets simply meant to come out?

Martin, a man in a steady relationship, is hiding a secret from his partner, a secret that could drive them apart if she ever found out.

Is his relationship over when Sally finds out about Martin’s fantasy fetish, or is he willing to give in to her conditions to save their relationship? Will he lose himself and his divinely satisfying office activity, or will his every fantasy finally come true?

Find out in this sizzling, sexy tale of self-exploration, masturbation, and possible negotiations in making a good relationship become great!


Chapter One

As soon as the front door closed I was out of my chair and watching from the window as my girlfriend walked down the path, heading for work.

Once I saw her reach the end of the road and get in her friend’s car–the same friend always picked her up–I made sure the doors were locked and headed up to the newly converted attic. Originally, I had it modified so I could work in peace away from Sally and her friends, who always seemed to be around the front room, talking about girly things like make-up, lingerie, and which film or television star they would fuck.

Even though I knew that Sally would never cheat on me, and she was only having a laugh with her friends, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, what my girlfriend would do with this star or that star in intimate detail, so when I told her my plans for the attic she agreed it would be a good idea. In only a matter of weeks it had been completed. Once it was done, I moved all my computer equipment up there, kitted it out like a home office, and even put a sofa bed in there in case I worked too late. I was a digital artist and web designer and when an idea gripped me I rarely wanted to leave it, even to sleep.

That was when I found out that I liked to do more than design websites or draw fantasy figures. Being alone had given me all the peace and free time I had wanted, yet, niggling at the back of my mind, I found myself thinking more and more about what Sally and her friends talked about, especially the lingerie. The way they used to describe the different feeling of different materials against their naked bodies, the items and colors of lingerie they would wear, what they wore for what occasion, what each different piece made them feel like; it all used to have me getting aroused more and more often.

Author’s Bio

J.S. Morbius is the pseudonym of an engaged father to nine children, four of his own and five stepchildren. He is also partially disabled, having been born with a neurological condition that has caused his nervous system to deteriorate over the years and finds writing to be the way to express his feelings, and fantasies.

Having been writing for less than five years, Star Search, published by Naughty Nights Press in November 2011, was his first release.

His second stand-alone release, Addicted to Charlie, came out in June 2012, quickly followed by Naughty Hot Shots – Reunited at a Reunion, which earned him his first ever bestseller certificate from his publisher, NNP, and then shortly after that his next Transgender release, Naughty Hot Shots – Top Of The Class, which earned him yet another silver star at All Romance Ebooks on the very first day.

J.S. has several stories, both gay male and transgender, currently on the editing table of his publisher that he hopes will be out to his fans shortly. A recent surgery to assist him in his mobility has added to the unfortunate delayed releases, but now that J.S. is on the mend he has jumped back into the wonderfully busy process of working with his editor to cultivate his upcoming works.

J.S. now considers writing to be his main occupation, and continues to write, mainly in gay male, transgender and cross dressing genres.

Where you can find more about me, my life and my work

Twitter: @JSMorbius


Reviews – Pleasure or Pain??

It’s a fact of life when it comes to being a modern day author that your work is subject to reviews being publicly posted by readers on numerous online forums or book stores. It does therefore become an essential part of your writing life to learn how to deal with not only the praise – the good part! – but also occasional open criticism of your work.

Most people can find it difficult being told that something they have produced over many hours is not liked, even if by only a small minority. It’s clearly important to remember that you cannot please everyone all of the time, and as a writer you should probably not be trying to do so anyway.

It’s important to receive feedback on your work, it’s something I hope to use in order to improve, but I have to say it’s the absolute best when you know you’ve provided an enjoyable experience for your readers as a result.

Like most writers I’ve received some negative as well as very positive feedback. Some reviews – a very small number I’m pleased to say – have simply left me wondering why this person read my book at all, as it was clearly not to their taste and having a clearly defined description of the contents you would imagine would have made this clear to them before purchasing. As the phrase goes – ‘all the world is a critic’, and it has never been so true as it is now in the world of online reviews.

I will always take great joy from the many positive reviews that I’ve received, but I will never entirely discount the few that are not – with the occasional unreasonable ones as the exceptions! If as a writer I can turn a negative into a positive by improving my own writing and in turn my readers experience, then something positive will always come out of it. I guess I wouldn’t be saying that if I’d received far more negative reviews than I have, but it is my readers that are the most important thing to me, it is for them that I endeavor to weave a storyline that will entertain them and as I’m an erotic author in the main…hopefully arouse them too!

Reviews can be a mixed blessing at times, but they are an indelible part of a modern day writers experience and should therefore be accepted as such. I hope I continue to receive the positive feedback that I have so far, it means that I’m doing something right at the very least and there can be no better motivation for continuing to produce my work than knowing that I’ve brought pleasure into my readers lives.

So…sexy reading everyone!

Becky x