Reviews – Pleasure or Pain??

It’s a fact of life when it comes to being a modern day author that your work is subject to reviews being publicly posted by readers on numerous online forums or book stores. It does therefore become an essential part of your writing life to learn how to deal with not only the praise – the good part! – but also occasional open criticism of your work.

Most people can find it difficult being told that something they have produced over many hours is not liked, even if by only a small minority. It’s clearly important to remember that you cannot please everyone all of the time, and as a writer you should probably not be trying to do so anyway.

It’s important to receive feedback on your work, it’s something I hope to use in order to improve, but I have to say it’s the absolute best when you know you’ve provided an enjoyable experience for your readers as a result.

Like most writers I’ve received some negative as well as very positive feedback. Some reviews – a very small number I’m pleased to say – have simply left me wondering why this person read my book at all, as it was clearly not to their taste and having a clearly defined description of the contents you would imagine would have made this clear to them before purchasing. As the phrase goes – ‘all the world is a critic’, and it has never been so true as it is now in the world of online reviews.

I will always take great joy from the many positive reviews that I’ve received, but I will never entirely discount the few that are not – with the occasional unreasonable ones as the exceptions! If as a writer I can turn a negative into a positive by improving my own writing and in turn my readers experience, then something positive will always come out of it. I guess I wouldn’t be saying that if I’d received far more negative reviews than I have, but it is my readers that are the most important thing to me, it is for them that I endeavor to weave a storyline that will entertain them and as I’m an erotic author in the main…hopefully arouse them too!

Reviews can be a mixed blessing at times, but they are an indelible part of a modern day writers experience and should therefore be accepted as such. I hope I continue to receive the positive feedback that I have so far, it means that I’m doing something right at the very least and there can be no better motivation for continuing to produce my work than knowing that I’ve brought pleasure into my readers lives.

So…sexy reading everyone!

Becky x

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