#1 Best Seller in Transgender Erotica!


A big thank you to everyone that’s downloaded my latest book over the past three weeks. I’m pleased to say that it’s been regularly occupying the number one bestseller slot in Amazon.co.uk’s Transgender Erotica list and it’s still there today.

Of course it’s not all about making the number one slot, but it certainly makes the writing worthwhile knowing that I’m providing my readers with a great experience and that they’re happy to come back for more…you are a kinky bunch! 😉

I think you’ll enjoy the next installment in the schoolgirl feminisation collection which also includes a healthy dose of taboo content.

Once again, a big thank you to you all and…sexy reading everyone!

Becky x

My Sister Turned Me Into A Schoolgirl - Front Cover


New book release

Hi everyone.

I’m excited to say that the latest installment in my Schoolgirl Feminisation Collection is soon to be released. It’s a hot little read although at 25k words it’s not so little so well worth a look!

Here’s a sneak preview of the cover:

My Sister Turned Me Into A Schoolgirl - Front Cover

This collection is shaping up to be a very kinky little series of books, as if you expected anything else from me!

Sexy reading everyone 🙂

Becky x

My new Pinterest page

Hi all,

I’ve decided that I’d like to share any pictures that I find of interest on my new Pinterest boards. You’ll find plenty of feminisation and sissification pictures being added in the coming weeks along with other Transgender related content.

I’m sure you’ll find them arousing to your interests…amongst other things!

Please check them out here with the below link which is also available on the right hand side bar…sexy pinning everyone 🙂

Becky x

Rebecca’s Pinterest Page