The Taboo Feminisation Collection – Kindle edition

The all new Kindle edition of my first Taboo Feminisation Collection is now available exclusively on Amazon.

Six steamy number one bestselling books of transgender erotica all in one volume.

The_Taboo_Feminisati_Cover_for_Kindlejpg (resized 1000x1500)

An explicit collection of hot and sexy taboo stories, where boys are being turned into naughty young girls by their own families. Your deepest genderbending fantasies will come to life as never before in this adults only bundle of erotic stories.

Stories in this collection:

In My Sister’s Panties
Feminised by Mommy
Punished in Mommy’s Panties
Becoming Daddy’s Girl
Our Feminised Brother
Caught in Mommy’s Panties!

These are sexually explicit tales designed strictly for adults only.

Very hot and sexy reading!

Becky x

4 comments on “The Taboo Feminisation Collection – Kindle edition

  1. Hi! I looked for this collection just now on Amazon to purchase and it is only shown available as a paperback. Is a link for kindle missing there by glitch? Hope to buy this soon. Thanks.


    • Sorry for the delay in replying.

      Unfortunately the collection is not currently available for purchase in kindle format, however, all of the included stories are to be available individually (The final one should be available next week). I’ve found that many readers are happier being able to purchase or download the individual books rather than as an entire collection and due to the Kindle Unlimited Ts & Cs I cannot have the collection available via Kindle at the same time.

      Apologies for any inconvenience, but the prices are such that it won’t cost any more to obtain the individual books as opposed to the single collection, although please bear in mind that this collection consists of the following, which you may have already purchased:-

      In My Sister’s Panties, Feminised by Mommy, Punished in Mommy’s Panties, Becoming Daddy’s Girl, Caught in Mommy’s Panties! and Our Feminised Brother.

      I hope you can still enjoy them all and I’m looking forward to producing some sequels very soon.

      Becky x


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