Temporary issue – Smacked bottom perhaps??

I’m afraid I have to confess to a rather nasty technical glitch that means that some of my catalogue, specifically the individual editions of my Taboo Feminisation Collection are not currently available for purchase.

I suspect this is entirely my own fault, although the intricacies of the situation lie within the T’s & C’s of the Amazon Select program, which I should undoubtedly have studied a little closer. 😦

The upshot of all of this is that for the time being these particular stories will only be available as part of the combined Taboo Feminisation Collection that brings all six of these bestsellers together in one volume.

As an apology to anyone seeking to purchase these books at this time there’ll be a countdown deal in place from Friday evening (20th November) that will make this combined collection available with a 35% discount, this effectively means that you can purchase all six stories in one book for the price of four for a short period of time. I know…crazy right!

I can only apologise to any readers that are temporarily unable to purchase the individual books in this collection and I hope you will bear with me whilst I endeavour to correct the issue – which may take a little while until they are once again available for individual purchase.

Rest assured I will be kicking myself for some time to come for not paying closer attention to the aforementioned small print! But hey…live and learn I guess, after all, I’m an erotically charged author – not a lawyer. 😉

Amazon.co.uk; Amazon.com

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