New release in transgender fiction

I’m very excited to announce the release of my first full length novel of transgender fiction – Ten Years a Woman.

ten years a woman - front cover 2

Ten years a woman is the extraordinary tale of one man’s gender-bending eighteenth century odyssey.

Rupert Hill is a nineteen year old man who has settled for a life as a wig maker’s assistant in eighteenth century Plymouth, England. His marriage to Emeline is an unhappy one yet he is content that he is able to provide a humble roof over their heads and food upon the table.

He returns home one day to find his Emeline in bed with another. A brute of a man named Jacob who is swift to take advantage of Rupert’s slight build and inability to stand up to one such as himself. Rupert is soon thrown out onto the street and finds himself wandering aimlessly in search of shelter.

In a series of unfortunate events he is stripped of everything in a street robbery. Clad only in the female clothing that he could find upon the street he is mistaken for a lone woman by two drunken and mercenary sailors. He is kidnapped and spirited aboard a ship, awaking to find himself enslaved amongst a group of similarly unfortunate women.

Thrust into a new life as a blackmarket female slave he must guard his secret carefully for fear of discovery and the undoubted consequences should his true gender be revealed. An unknown and frightening future awaits him on a distant shore, but first he must survive the treacherous journey across the seas amidst a hardened crew of testosterone fuelled sailors.

This story contains explicit sexual scenes and is only suitable for readers of eighteen years and over.


This book is available for Amazon Kindle and as a Kindle Unlimited download, it will also be available as a paperback over the coming weeks.

Enjoy 🙂



Hot new title released!

My latest release is now available via Amazon. A steamy tale of sexual feminisation and emasculation in the home.

Regular readers will I’m sure enjoy this x rated story of feminisation…strictly for adults only!

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Available for purchase at or