Sissy’s Return – Out now!

The much anticipated third instalment of my ‘My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl’ series is now out and available from Amazon.

This is the hottest and most extreme sissification instalment yet! So put on your diapers, lay back and enjoy Danny’s latest adventures in his ongoing journey into sissyhood.

Sexy reading everyone 😉

My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl 3 - Book cover

Danny’s sissy training has come to an end and he’s now destined to return home to his wife and new mommy. Three months of being diapered and sissified by Ms Thorndyke and her nieces has turned him from an uncooperative layabout into an obedient sissy baby girl. Despite this he still wonders at what his wife has planned upon his return.

Under her sister’s influence, Christine has happily adjusted to the idea of having Danny back, not as her husband but as her sissy baby girl. Her life has moved on but she has a well defined place for her new baby girl upon his return. Her main challenge will be in testing his reaction to the new man in her life, the man that will also be destined to become Danny’s new daddy.

What will Christine have in store for Danny’s return, diapered and sissified as he now is? What will Danny’s reaction be to his new Daddy? And what will be his new role as the sissy baby of the family? Follow Danny’s homecoming as he finds himself subjected to even more extreme sissification treatments as he is shown how to please his new mommy and daddy in ways that only a true sissy can.

This is a sexually explicit story that contains scenes of; Diaper play, Anal play, oral sex, M/F, M/M, M/F/M and female domination.

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