Republishing some old favourites

Over the next few weeks you’ll probably notice that the six bestselling books that comprise my Taboo Feminisation Collection are being republished as individual titles. This is basically the result of the combined collection having finished its term within the Amazon Unlimited programme and therefore its exclusivity period.

I didn’t expect to find myself feeling nostalgic at the sight of having these titles reappearing on my Amazon bookshelf, but I have to say it’s nice to see them back. It’s just like meeting up with some old friends 🙂 …and some very kinky ones at that!

Yes, I know that sounds silly, but knowing that I’ll be producing a number of sought after sequels this year there’s something really nice about seeing them all available in their own right once again…welcome back old friends.


Sexy reading everyone 😉

Becky x

2 comments on “Republishing some old favourites

  1. I bought Becoming Daddy’s Girl almost 2 years ago and love it! I am now rereading it again having read it constantly more than 2 dozen times as it is so erotic. It draws me back again and again. Every time I am so excited as the story develops. I sure do hope you write a sequel to this actually a series would be great!!


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