New Release – A Taboo Feminisation Sequel

The first sequel in the Taboo Feminisation Collection has now been released and is available in the Amazon store.

The much anticipated ‘Feminised by Mommy 2’ is the continuing tale of Stevie and his ever deepening feminisation at the hands of his sexy stepmom Cindy.  The story culminates with an explosive climax, leading him to a new and quite unexpected place in his ongoing journey as Lucy.

Boys just make the best girls sometimes!


Sexy reading everyone!

Becky x

8 comments on “New Release – A Taboo Feminisation Sequel

      • Your writing greatly arouses me and I enjoy both perspectives performed on and performing. And being Mandy and Lucy and their desires and pleasures. Please feel free to share that link as I have three copies for anyone that would want a copy of your delicious book! And I asked that in receiving a copy they also follow you.


  1. If you would like to post that link on your other accounts like twitter etc to increase interest as of today 3/14/06 no one has clicked on the gift link yet


  2. I loved this story. I love when a feminized boy bonds with his stop mom or other ladies because I love being immersed in feminization, it helps my own journey. That said, I always want a big strong man to come in at the end and finish the job. This story had it all!

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