Latest Paperback Collection Released!

The Sissy Baby Erotica Collection - Front cover resizedThe latest in my paperback collections has now been released and is available from Amazon. It’ll also be available from other online book stores such as Barnes & Noble very soon.

This collection contains the complete ‘My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl‘ trilogy as well as a bonus story; ‘From Bad Girl to Baby Girl‘.

So if you’re one of those people¬†that likes to have something to hold when reading…please do enjoy! ūüėČ


Becky x


Important News!


Attention all of my kinky readers!

The address¬†of my website¬†will be changing in a¬†few days time. I’ll try to make it as seamless as possible but just in case you lose me…the new address will be¬†

I’m changing the name so as to make it easier for my readers to find me in the future. Nothing else will be changing and I’ll be sure to update my links on all of my other social media sites in order to ensure that you can still find me.

Please bear with me during this change and I hope to see you at my new address very soon.

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By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

Sugar and spice, And all that’s nice…

Beautiful young woman sucking pacifier
My regular readers will know that I’ve written a number of stories in the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover genre. I sometimes find this a fascinating area of roleplay to explore, particularly with the Transgender element that is so often involved.

Can there be a more submissive yet secure role to adopt than that of a cute baby girl, all snuggled up in her diaper and pretty little girl clothes? I think not.

There are of course many motivations behind such desires, but I’m sure one that appeals to many can be that of being taken from a harsh and sometimes scary world, only to be transformed into someone who no longer has to contend with such adult responsibilities and worries. The soft, feminine world of a cute baby girl is surely as far away as you can get from such things.

I’m sure for many the sheer delight of donning the ultra feminine clothing associated with Adult Baby Girls is a major part of this, and why not? For many transgender people it’s an experience that they will have missed out on as a young child, leaving a sense of unfulfillment that can be addressed and maybe enjoyed on an even higher level as an adult.

Whatever the motivations and desires, it’s hard to see any of this as being anything other than a sweet and harmless pursuit and indeed for many, a very real source of stress relief in the modern era. I’ll certainly continue to explore this world in my books, albeit with a rather erotic twist!

So watch this space for further releases that I hope will offer an outlet for all you ABDL’s out there, and for my readers that are maybe not so interested in this niche area; firstly, it might be worth a look because you never know until you’ve tried ūüėČ and secondly, don’t worry, there’s plenty more of your favourite feminisation erotica on its way¬†for you to enjoy.

So, sexy reading everyone ūüôā

Becky x

Second Taboo Feminization Sequel Released

I’m excited to say that ‘In My Sister’s Panties 2’ has just been released on Amazon and is available right now!

The second in the Taboo Feminisation sequels takes Michael deeper into his feminisation at his sister’s devious hands, finding himself in situations that he could never have anticipated.

Will Tina succeed in turning him into her plaything of a little sister? Or will Michael’s dwindling masculinity put up one last fight for survival?

This is a very erotic and explicit tale of Taboo Feminisation taken to the next level.

One things for sure, it’s going to be fun finding out ūüėČ

In My Sisters Panties 2 - Front cover

Sexy reading everyone!

Becky x