Petticoat Punishment – A Lost Art?

3a0c4196fbd6636c2d07be5c3fd2e767I’m sure that many people are aware of the somewhat lost art of petticoat punishment that has existed for many years, but by the same token I’m guessing that it’s a term that many have yet to come across.

There are a number of sites dedicated to the subject out there. Some dealing with a more serious study of this phenomenon and others taking a more erotic approach. It can be an interesting subject to investigate, and one that seems to have divided opinion in those that have either experienced or meted out such punishments.

For many that have endured the forcible wearing of girl’s clothing as a boy it has left an indelible mark upon their soul. A mark that many have attested to has lead to a lifetime of pleasure when experiencing the feel of satin and lace frillies, no longer by way of punishment but by their own choice. From an early age the opportunity to be immersed into a world of soft femininity and to leave behind the rough and tumble of the masculine world has given them an escape that brings immeasurable pleasure and inner peace.

There are those of course that believe that the feminisation of men can lead to them becoming better and more balanced people as a result, bereft of their male egos and more appreciative of the softer side of life. It’s hard to disagree with this at times when you see the results of male aggression and dominance all around us. I wouldn’t go as far to say that all men should be feminised, far from it, but I would say that a little more femininity in the world can go a long way to making our world a nicer place to live for everyone.

Petticoat punishment by its very nature will tend to start in the family home. The mother, aunt or sister usually being the ones to resort to such measures in order to tame the more aggressive or poorly behaved son, nephew or brother. At some point along the way, the person being subjected to such treatment may well start to develop a fetishistic attachment to the clothing and their treatment, especially as they grow into adulthood.

There are far worse things in this world than to develop a sexual response to wearing a pair of soft satin panties or tight fitting pantyhose. In fact, I’m quite certain that it’s a source of sexual excitement for very many males out there, whether they care to admit to it or not.

This topic has clearly influenced the subject matter of one or two of my books, and I’ve no doubt that it will continue to offer some very naughty inspiration in the future. The sudden exposure to a world of femininity that was previously closed to a naive protagonist. The blossoming of their own sexuality as their feminine side is not only nurtured, but positively exercised in the most loving of ways…how sweet can that be?

So if you’d like to join those lucky boys that have already discovered the joys of being feminised; put on your panties, your bra and your stockings and enjoy your femininity, because sometimes…boys just make the best girls, and in the immortal words of that famous song – girls just wanna have fun!

Becky x



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