Forced Femme – or not so forced?

53e33b05440e2ec7428074730fb0eb21The world of enforced feminisation and female dominance is indeed a wide and varied one. There are men that would like nothing more than to be forcibly sissified, humiliated, dominated and placed into bondage. There are also those men – possibly far more numerous – that are never happier than when wearing a pair of feminine panties under their male clothing, but anything more than this would be a little too much for them to bare…or so they prefer to believe!

Most women will have experienced the innate power that they can possess over those of the (weaker?) sex. A man’s mind can soon be weakened and manipulated once his baser sexual feelings have been engaged. I sometimes wonder just how far this can be taken, even with a male that would normally be resistant to such treatment.

Once submersed into the sensual world of feminine apparel – particularly with the addition of some very soft and sensual lingerie – many males would find themselves simply melting into a world of femininity. Their senses overwhelmed with the erotic pleasure of wearing such things as silky panties and lace bras, not to mention the snugness of a pair of beautifully smooth and sexy stockings.

Once under the spell of a forced feminisation experience they would do almost anything to please. I suspect this can be related to the much maligned male ego, which – once the owner is dressed in a positively feminine manner – can find itself being overridden by the powerful and seductive feelings of one’s feminine side.

It’s a shame that more men do not allow themselves to indulge in such delights. I suspect that many more would discover the pleasurable world of feminisation, whether it be the simple act of wearing their girlfriend’s panties, or being fully feminised and dominated so as to take away any and all stress resulting from their male ego’s need to be in control at all times.

So come on men, put on some pretty panties and see how it makes you feel. You never know, it may just be the best decision you’ve ever made…or maybe you’d prefer someone else to make it for you??


Becky x

2 comments on “Forced Femme – or not so forced?

  1. I agree with your whole comment. I love the feeling of stockings on my body. I would love to have someone ‘force femme’ me very much. I will accept any cummers.


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