Latest Taboo Feminisation Release – out now!

In my sisters shoes - Amazon book coverThe newest release in my taboo feminisation collection has now been released and is available in the Amazon store…soon to be available via Smashwords, Barnes & Noble etc.

In My Sister’s Shoes is the story of Jake, a nineteen year old college boy who’s failing his course. He arrives home to an empty house one day to find his younger stepsister Jenna has once more been into his room without asking. In an act of annoyance he decides to do the same in return. He soon finds himself being caught up by the inexplicable lure of her discarded feminine clothing, and before long is enjoying a covert and quite unplanned dressing up session.

He should have known better, but before he can hide his indiscretion she returns home to catch him in full swing. Her reaction is not what he would have expected – quite the contrary in fact. In a bid to keep his self imposed humiliation a secret he finds himself under her control and having to agree to her demands.

Jenna soon realises that she can turn this situation to her advantage. She swiftly has her stepbrother inextricably entangled in her plans, but more than that, she finds herself experiencing feelings that she knows she really shouldn’t.

Follow both Jake and Jenna as they take their step relationship to a level that they’d never imagined, and Jake is immersed into a deeply sensual world of femininity in a bid to have him fulfil his stepsister’s own ambitions.

Enjoy!   😉

Becky x

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