Sissy boys are here!

Sissy BoyThere seems to be a growing number of males in the world that are learning to embrace their true femininity, but it doesn’t simply stop there and nor does it necessarily involve the intention to pass convincingly as a woman.

Males that acknowledge their yearnings to be dressed in ultra feminine clothing, whether it be by ‘force’ or by choice are increasingly evident online. Rather than try to hide their natural gender they are more than happy to be deemed a male ‘Sissy’. Their choice of clothing can range from a traditional maids outfit to that of a little beau belle, or simply a beautiful set of lingerie leaving little to the imagination.

Quite often it will entail the addition of a chastity device that allows their male urges to be controlled by a partner. This will normally result in any arousal at being dressed in their sissy clothes being tantalisingly prolonged and allowing them to become putty in the hands of the person holding the key!

There’s something quite lovely about a boy wanting to dress in sexy lingerie. Having themselves made up to look just like the beautiful girl inside of them, shaved and encased in the most sensuous of nylon, satin and lace, and yet being comfortable enough in themselves to not feel the need to hide their natural form (or maybe they’re just not allowed to!).

Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be entirely feminised in such a way that no one would know any different, but there must certainly be an added layer of sexual excitement and fulfillment when allowed to be your natural self and still feel sexy and desired as a true sissy can.

It can be incredibly cute seeing a little boy clit poking out under their panties as they mince their way into a room. Their chronic sexual arousal turning them into the most obedient and servile play thing for their master or mistress to do with as they please.

So here’s to all you sissies out there. May you be held in a permanent state of bliss, begging to please and to be pleased. Wear your panties with pride and enjoy your sissy sexuality, you’re clearly not alone!

Becky x