Chastity Cage – Pleasure or Pain?

tumblr_ntkolffObP1rf4qsco1_500I touched on my recent post about the practice of boys wearing chastity devices. In that piece it was a passing reference to the eroticism associated with wearing women’s lingerie whilst being caged, so as to add an extra level of titillation to the entire experience.

This is of course is an entire area in its own right, and I feel I did it little justice by providing such a brief mention. So in order to better serve those with more than a passing interest in such a thing, here goes!

There can surely be few methods that are as effective at creating such an exquisitely prolonged and tantalising level of arousal as the addition of a chastity device, particularly when another trusted yet firmly in control person has sole access to its key. Let’s face it girls, if you want to have your feminized and subjugated male at your mercy, willing to do pretty much anything you desire, you can’t go far wrong in enforcing a level of abstinence upon them. As the object of their desires, they can be putty in your hands when the promise of a sexual release is held tantalisingly close to them…if only they just carry out that one last chore for you. 😉

The only flaw in that plan in the normal course of a day, is that they’d usually have access to a form of release via their own hand. As much as you may have their undying obedience, you can never quite be sure whether they’re finding that sneaky private time in order to let out their sexual tension and thereby loosen your hold on them – if only by a little. The answer of course is to take control of their ability to become fully engorged!

Many submissive males – particularly sissies – will experience an intense arousal at the touch and feel of their ultra feminine lingerie or clothing as they’re immersed into their favoured world of femininity and submissiveness. Can you imagine therefore just how much more erotic it becomes for them, when their little member is locked away in a tiny cage, unable to fully engorge and therefore enable a full release of their sexual arousal. The chronic and merciless feelings of sexual torment will be enough to drive them to do almost anything that you desire. Every little thing that you command them to do can become an erotic experience, as long as they’re held within the realms of such a sustained and deep-seated arousal.

Eventually they may even develop the ability to orgasm whilst still in the cage, but this will surely be at your behest and not without some very deliberate stimulation on your part to help overcome the physical restriction imposed upon their male clitty.

There’s something quite adorable about seeing a tiny caged sissy clit showing through a pair of sheer see-through panties. Seeing the delicious torment on their faces as they plead for a release. Their bodies undoubtedly become more sensitive to every touch. The feel of their soft feminine clothing a constant reminder of their heightened arousal and inability to sate their desires.

When eventually they are allowed a full release it can be an intense and overpowering one. Sometimes they’ll be so desperately in need that it’ll be over before they know it and in no time at all they’ll be locked up once more, with their arousal once again building inside of them. Some may feel sorry for those in such a situation, thinking that this can be a cruel and unusual punishment for someone in such a position. Don’t worry too much. They would not have put themselves under the control of another in such a way unless they knew it was their true nature to be a submissive sissy, and besides, I suspect few others will ever experience the sexual highs associated with such relentless and ongoing arousal as those that are willing to have their most intimate of areas locked up and placed under the control of another. Particularly one that will continue to stimulate them with their chosen form of female apparel and submissive role.

So girls, let’s turn that sissy in your life into a sexually charged submissive who’s willing to hang on your every word and action. With their body’s and mind’s being held in a state of near constant sexual arousal, they’ll be more than happy to let you snap that cute little pink cage around their clitty…just as long as they can have their little releases every so often, at a time of your choosing and only if they’ve been a very good girl for you – of course! 🙂

Becky x

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