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Turned into the Girl of the House

Feminised, Sexualised and Used by the Step Family!

When Louis Dix left his high school behind for the last time at the tender age of eighteen, he’d no idea that his life was about to take a turn for the surreal. He was universally acknowledged by his former fellow students to be somewhat of a sissy boy. His long hair and slim feminine body only serving to reinforce their view.

Having been adopted at a young age by Cara and her husband Gerry, he’d grown up as part of the family. The memories of his older sister dressing him up as her little princess were fond ones, but they were slowly fading into the past. Until he was asked to perform an unexpected favour for the woman of the house that was.

Modelling his sister’s old discarded clothing for the supposed purpose of selling them online was the first step, the next was what his step family did to take advantage of his naturally feminine looks and submissive nature. Before he knew where he was, he was being turned into the girl of the house in every conceivable way.

Join Louis on his erotic journey into the unknown as he’s feminized, sexualised and used by the step family in ways that will have you begging for more!

This is an explicit adult only tale of taboo feminization, containing scenes of forced feminization, femdom, crossdressing, masturbation, oral sex and anal sex. All characters depicted are over eighteen years and are not blood related.

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A Sissy’s Cuckolding

a49b28031f61ea68e9f5f55ba7c67753I started to wonder about the world of cuckolding recently, in particular its relationship to the sissification and domination of a male partner. It’s clearly an area that receives a lot of interest, especially amongst many sissies who would see this as the ultimate form of submission and subservience.

I think it’s important to emphasise the difference between cuckolding and simply cheating on one’s partner. An inherent part of cuckolding in my view is that it’s carried out in full view of the sissified and subservient partner, and in such a way as to reinforce their submission and add to their own feelings of arousal as much as their partners.

For a true sissy to know their place, the presence of a real man is one way of reinforcing their lack of masculinity by direct comparison. To experience the reality of not being able to stop a real man from seducing and making love to their partner whilst they’re forced to watch the entire episode, can only result in their true sissy nature being brought home to them.

To make matters even more excruciating, the addition of some form of bondage and/or chastity device in order to stop them from being able to physically relieve their own pent up arousal, will surely serve to draw out their tortuous desires so as to leave them feeling agonisingly aroused and frustrated in equal measures.

If the woman decides to allow her sissy to later clean up after her lover with their tongue, this will only add a further layer of degradation and submission to deepen their already chronic levels of arousal.

I would not, of course, condone cuckolding for anyone who’s sissy does not already have leanings in this direction, but when carried out appropriately it can add enormously to the enjoyment of both sissy and their dominant partner. A sissy can be made to experience their true nature, and their partner can enjoy having a real man to service them at the same time.

For me, this practice revolves around the sissy and her dominant partner, and the cuckolding male invited to the party can only ever really play a bit part. They will of course experience a pleasurable sexual encounter of their own, but they are not there to take the place of the sissy in the relationship, and nor should their desires take precedent over anyone elses in reality.

I’d be interested to know of other’s take on this and if they themselves have indulged in such an experience. I’m sure there are many differing views on this area, but then it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things now wouldn’t it?


Becky x