A Sissy’s Cuckolding

a49b28031f61ea68e9f5f55ba7c67753I started to wonder about the world of cuckolding recently, in particular its relationship to the sissification and domination of a male partner. It’s clearly an area that receives a lot of interest, especially amongst many sissies who would see this as the ultimate form of submission and subservience.

I think it’s important to emphasise the difference between cuckolding and simply cheating on one’s partner. An inherent part of cuckolding in my view is that it’s carried out in full view of the sissified and subservient partner, and in such a way as to reinforce their submission and add to their own feelings of arousal as much as their partners.

For a true sissy to know their place, the presence of a real man is one way of reinforcing their lack of masculinity by direct comparison. To experience the reality of not being able to stop a real man from seducing and making love to their partner whilst they’re forced to watch the entire episode, can only result in their true sissy nature being brought home to them.

To make matters even more excruciating, the addition of some form of bondage and/or chastity device in order to stop them from being able to physically relieve their own pent up arousal, will surely serve to draw out their tortuous desires so as to leave them feeling agonisingly aroused and frustrated in equal measures.

If the woman decides to allow her sissy to later clean up after her lover with their tongue, this will only add a further layer of degradation and submission to deepen their already chronic levels of arousal.

I would not, of course, condone cuckolding for anyone who’s sissy does not already have leanings in this direction, but when carried out appropriately it can add enormously to the enjoyment of both sissy and their dominant partner. A sissy can be made to experience their true nature, and their partner can enjoy having a real man to service them at the same time.

For me, this practice revolves around the sissy and her dominant partner, and the cuckolding male invited to the party can only ever really play a bit part. They will of course experience a pleasurable sexual encounter of their own, but they are not there to take the place of the sissy in the relationship, and nor should their desires take precedent over anyone elses in reality.

I’d be interested to know of other’s take on this and if they themselves have indulged in such an experience. I’m sure there are many differing views on this area, but then it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things now wouldn’t it?


Becky x


3 comments on “A Sissy’s Cuckolding

  1. Another thoughtful and very interesting article Rebecca Sterne, thank-you its a pleasure to (slowly) read your articles šŸ™‚
    I think you are absolutely right to emphasise that cuckolding inherently isn’t cheating on a partner as its really about the D/s relationship and that its ultimately a dynamic between the sissy and Dominant partner and done in front of the sissy for exactly that very reason. I personally have no doubt that cuckolding is an extremely emotive submissive act and deliciously cements and develop the D/s bond between them in both physical and (perhaps) more importantly pyschological ways. For me, if the Sissy has requested or is keen to be cuckolded it demonstrates a genuine devotion to Her and Her needs, and putting Her happiness first and is a genuine act of love, devotion and respect that hopefully should please the Dominant as well as reinforcing the sissy’s lack of masculinity rather dramatically! If it is the Mistress’s wish, then the sissy (ideally) should be humbled and honored to have the opportunity to further their education and show their submission in such a way šŸ™‚ I guess that would depend how submissive they reallt were or how dedicated to their Mistress?

    For me, in the ultimate cuckolding experience the sissy should be dressed in lingerie, pink /white soft pastel colours ,with little bows and ribbons in her hair- ideally very tightly corseted and in high heels, made to either kneel or prostrate themselves, and bound hand and foot, with a chastity device tightly in place. The addition of a vibrator inserted into the sissy’s mouth would be a nice little touch, i think šŸ™‚

    Having the Sissy orally service the Man afterwards should be de-rigueur (Obviously this depends on the Man and Mistress’s views on the subject) Of course some begging to do so might also be appropriate, even if it isnt to be allowed?
    I personally (ideally) would go further and make it part of the exercise that the Sissy be made to curtsy to the man, call him Sir, thank him profusely, serve on him and of course HER, be made to write long thank-you notes to both the man and Mistress and to buy both presents, delicately wrapped as a thank-you to both.

    Perhaps Mistress might instruct her submissive to ask the Man for a spanking, or at least to be spanked in front of him.

    I haven’t experienced cuckolding but if i did that would be my ideal šŸ™‚

    Sorry its such a long reply, i hope it wasnt too long: ive already cut it right back!


    • Thanks for your comments, I love your enthusiasm. One aspect that you touch on is the psychological effect that can be had from such acts and to my mind this is the most important part. The physical act itself, whilst incredibly stimulating and enjoyable is but fleeting, whereas the psychological elements can be far longer lasting and indeed offer a far deeper fulfillment. As long as both partners are willing participants, not just in this but in any other form of sexual role play, they can both achieve a powerful bond that is shared deeply between them, which only they can be truly privy to and is therefore something that only they ultimately share between them.

      Becky x.

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  2. Thank-you very much for your Kind and insightful Reply. My apologies for the delay replying, i’ve had a busy weekend attending ‘Bitchcraft’ (which is a small FemDom led event) and another Event over the weekend. Met some wonderful people, will try and write about it.
    I do so agree with you that its the intimate bond and the pyschological elements that really matter.


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