Dressing up is fun!

7160-a-beautiful-girl-in-a-nurse-uniform-or-1I’ve talked about different styles of dressing up in previous posts around subjects such as feminization, Forced Femme, Adult Babies, Adult Little Girls etc., and there’s a tendency to speak of different forms of dressing as if they were entirely exclusive of each other.

I know that for many people who like to indulge in a specific style or type of dressing up that that is their one area of interest and they’re quite happy to stick with just that. That’s great of course, but I wonder sometimes how common it is to like dressing up in a range of different styles, age ranges etc., possibly depending on a person’s mood or frame of mind at the time.

I have to confess, I’ve a penchant for dressing up generally. I don’t know what it is exactly, but the ability to change my appearance by the simple act of putting on some alternative clothing gives me enormous pleasure. This means that my desired mode of dress can vary from one day to the next. From dominatrix to schoolgirl to sexy lingerie and many other things in between, there is clearly something about the act of experiencing the look and feel of something different to that of everyday dress that draws myself and I’m sure others into trying various types of outfit.

For some it can be an escape from every day life or even from themselves, for others it simply offers a form of enjoyment whether it be entirely sexual or something more psychologically fulfilling. On some level it matters little why someone gains pleasure from such a harmless activity as simple as dressing up, if you enjoy it…do it!

I’m sure there are plenty of others out there that like me, will need little excuse to play dress up. It can stimulate the mind as well as the body in a way that can prove both intoxicating and enthralling.

Another thought that strikes me is that once a person experiences an added thrill by dressing up in an alternative mode, it can very easily lead on to further experimentation with different types of clothing. I guess that like many addictive behaviours, the release of endorphins that can accompany such an experience can naturally create an increased desire to take it further and try new and interesting things. Unlike some of those other addictive behaviours I would maintain that this remains a harmless piece of fun, with the only likely negative consequence being a reduced bank balance as you find a wider range of interests to satisfy as far as your dressing up games are concerned.

Having said that, my addiction to kinky boots has had much the same effect, one that I’ve had to manage in order to control my desire to own far more pairs of sexy boots than I realistically need. Don’t worry though, this is just another offshoot of my dressing up addiction, an addiction that I’m quite happy to bear in life and have no particular urge to break…it’s just too much darned fun all round! 🙂

So, happy dressing up everyone.

Becky x


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