New Taboo Feminisation Collection – Out now in paperback!

The second of the Taboo Feminisation Collections is out now and available in paperback edition. So why not treat yourself to a naughty little stocking filler – just in time for some sexy Christmas bedtime reading!


A second taboo collection of transgender erotica

Six more sexually explicit books of transgender erotica all in one volume.

A hot and steamy collection of taboo stories which includes three sequels to number one bestsellers, where boys are being transformed into sexy young girls by their own families. Your deepest genderbending fantasies will come to life once more in this adults only bundle of erotic stories.

Stories in this collection:

Feminised by Mommy 2
In My Sister’s Panties 2
Becoming Daddy’s Girl 2
In My Sister’s Shoes
In Mommy’s Shoes
Turned into the Girl of the House

These are sexually explicit tales designed strictly for adults only.

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By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

First time in panties!

4790-red-black-and-white-womens-underwear-orFor many male to female transgender people, the first time they put on female clothing can be an almost overwhelming emotional experience. The first crossdressing experiences will often be with the clothes of a close family member – a wife, mother, sister, cousin, aunt etc. – and by the very act of seruptitiously wearing these clothes in secret, it can reinforce feelings of having to hide their true nature from those closest to them.

Sometimes the thrill of carrying out such an act in secret can lead to a sense of sexual excitement being experienced by simply pulling on those secretly borrowed panties or stockings. This thrill can sexualise the entire event, feeling the soft satin touch of your sister’s pink lacy panties, or the sensuous caress of your mom’s pantyhose as you roll them up your legs for the very first time.

Some may feel embarrassed or ashamed of their feelings, but they’re entirely natural and nothing to be afraid of or shamed by. How can anyone not react with anything other than sheer delight at the feeling of being immersed into a world of femininity and beauty. Where the senses are opened to a softer, more delicate kind of pleasure.

The mind is indeed the most sexual of all of our organs, and the thoughts and feelings that can be aroused by the intense stimulation of donning feminine attire, particularly that of a set of gloriously sexy lingerie cannot fail to make oneself feel more sexual as a result.

For some, the pleasure of wearing women’s clothing will only go as far as perhaps those fleeting moments with a borrowed pair of panties, but for many others it will herald the beginning of a journey that will see them learning what it is to be fully feminized. For the lucky ones they may even find themselves able to enlist the help of their wife, sister, mother or a female friend in their journey of discovery.

Wherever the journey takes you, whether it be a full realisation of your true phsychological gender, or whether pulling on a pair of panties and wearing them under your male clothing as you go about your daily life with only you being privy to your naughty little secret, enjoy your sexuality and don’t be afraid to play with your gender role. Discover yourself and be happy with who you are.

Don’t forget that very many Transgender people started off in a similar way, with an opportunistic flirting with a pair of secretly worn panties. Don’t beat yourself up about it or think there’s anything bad about what you’re feeling, it’s all quite normal in this mixed up world of ours. And I ask you…what can possibly be so bad about slipping on a pair of soft silky panties in the privacy of your own home. Go on, give it go…let’s see where the rabbit hole can lead to!

Becky x


Latest Transgender Erotica Release!

turned-into-a-female-nurse-amazon-coverMichelle Beaufort is a nineteen year old boy of French parentage hoping to start a new career as a male nurse. When he turns up on his first day at the hospital only to discover that there’s been an administrative error, he finds that he’s about to join an all female class – as a girl!

His new roommate, Tanya, soon embraces the challenge of having her unexpectedly male roommate pass himself off as a girl with the aid of her friends. Between them they manage to coerce and fool Michelle into putting on her clothes in order to hide his true gender. He soon finds himself being immersed into a deception that could cost him his career and invite the ridicule and shame of his family. To make matters worse, his roommates and fellow student nurses seem perfectly happy to torment him sexually, thoroughly enjoying having a boy dressed as a girl in their midst and totally under their control.

Michelle will need to decide whether he wants to escape his fate as a young female nurse – being targeted sexually by more than just his female roommates – or whether he’s content to submit to a very different life as a girl. Is it already too late to change his fate? Will he face expulsion as a fraud or will he find a way to come to terms with his new identity?

Follow Michelle as he finds himself being feminized and dominated by his fellow student nurses in a world of sexual torment and submission.

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only, including scenes of masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, anal play & anal sex.

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