No right or wrong when it comes to gender identity.

woman-makeup-beauty-lipstickLooking around at various sites on the internet it’s interesting to see just how many variations and degrees of feminisation there are out there. Of course everyone is different and for some even a moderate level of feminised dressing or behaviour can be enough to satisfy their needs.

Degrees of feminisation can vary from the relatively modest act of wearing a pair of women’s panties under male clothing or simply sitting down when using the bathroom (as opposed to that most masculine of acts of standing up at a urinal – something that’s always struck me as being a rather unpleasant requirement for men) to full blown feminisation. Many will indeed find themselves unfulfilled if they’re not fully dressed and made up in the most feminine of manners, whereas others may be quite happy just to wear their wife’s or girlfriend’s panties whilst making love as a male.

As with most things in life, gender is not as black and white an issue as some may believe. It would be more accurate to think of this as a sliding scale, at either end is fully male and female, but in between is a wide range of gender identity. It also seems to me that this can be a sliding scale even on an individual level throughout ones life, where one’s gender identity may shift as one grows and matures. For some, the addition of a pair of panties may lead to such a sublime experience that no further escalation in their dressing is needed or indeed wanted, whereas for many others this would provide nowhere near the level of fulfulment required.

As with all things, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong associated with any of this, it’s just interesting too see how one person will intepret an act as making them feel noticeably feminine, whilst others would see that same act as being rather tame in comparison to their own desires – possibly not much more than dipping one’s little toe into the deep flowing waters of crossdressing and transgenderism.

So I wonder, what does it take to make you feel like a girl? Is it wearing a pair of silky panties under your jeans? Or are you more in need of a full set of lingerie, make-up and a pretty dress to top it all off? Whatever it is, there’s no harm in it and its important to allow yourself to be you and to indulge your inner desires – at least once in a while. Realising that there is no right or wrong way to express yourself, and that finding your own place on that long sliding scale is all that matters when it comes to being happy with who your are.

Whatever your natural placing in the world of gender identity, I hope that you can find what makes you happy, whether it be a discreet pair of panties or full transition into your true gender. Be true to yourself and be happy with who you are.

Becky x.



By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

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He soon finds himself falling foul of one of the hotel’s most important VIP guests, and having suffered the embarrassment of being mistaken for a girl, he is soon coerced into donning a far more traditional uniform, one usually reserved for female maids only. A series of sexual encounters are soon to follow in his new guise, taking him ever deeper into a deception that leaves him reeling from his own shocking acts of intimacy.

Can Alex overcome this most unexpected of first days as a hotel employee, or will he be pulled ever deeper into a world of feminization and sexual service?

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