Coming out – as a girl!

lady-walking-on-the-street-2004773_1920I’m sure all male to female transgender people will remember their first time venturing out into the world dressed in female clothing. It’s a strange and scary experience, nerve crunching and liberating all at the same time. Constantly on guard for the expected cry that will go up when someone spots that you’re not a natural girl!

Of course, not everyone will get ‘read’ in such a way, and considering there is far more acceptance and understanding in the world than there was a few decades ago it’s unlikely something quite so dramatic and heart stopping will happen now as it may have done in the past.

Nevertheless, it’s still an anxious moment when someone first steps out of that door, leaving their comfort zone behind and putting their true self on display to the world. It takes a level of bravery that many non transgender people (not all by any means) will never quite comprehend. Some people may still see the affirmation of someone being born male but identifying and dressing as female as a sign of weakness, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are still individuals out there whom, for whatever reason, find themselves incapable or simply unwilling to accept that not everyone is born the same. That there are those that are different to themselves, and rather than being accepting or at the very least indifferent, they choose to see anyone or anything that doesn’t comply with their narrow view of the world as being a threat. A sad state of mind in my opinion.

For the majority of transgender people their experiences of the wider world are increasingly positive and affirming. Understanding  within our society has grown tremendously in recent years, allowing many to feel able to express themselves and interact with the world as the person they truly are for the first time.

So be brave and be yourself. Be careful by all means and don’t put yourself at uneccessary risk, but don’t spend your life hiding away from who you truly are. There are many people out there only too willing to help and support you on your journey. Many accepting and decent minded people who’re more than happy to accept you for who you are.

I salute anyone taking this step for the first time, and I wish you nothing but happiness and success in this sometimes scary yet wonderful journey that you’re on.

Becky x

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