Your favourite lingerie item?

7301-a-beautiful-woman-posing-in-lingerie-on-a-bed-in-a-log-cabin-orFor most crossdressing males there’s nothing quite like the feel of pulling on a pair of silky panties or rolling a pair of soft nylon stockings up their smooth hairless legs to give them that blissful feeling of contentment.

There’re so many wonderful items of sensual and sexy lingerie to choose from, it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience deciding on just what to buy, or at least what to buy first!

I think females are so lucky to have such a choice of beautiful underwear to choose from that it’s almost inevitable that many males will be seduced by the look and feel of such items. To want to experience the sensualness of wearing a soft silken camisole and those matching panties that leave little to the imagination.

Can anything make a person feel quite so sexy and turned on as a full set of lingerie,  with matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings? Just add a touch of lipstick and mascara and submerse yourself into a world of exquisitely feminine sexuality.

So what would you choose above all else? What makes you feel special in that way that only your favoured item of lingerie can? A baby doll nightdress and matching ruffled panties – for that ultra feminine touch? Or the satin corset that pinches your waist to accentuate those silky panties below that sit teasingly above your black lace top stockings?

How does it make you feel to see yourself dressed in nothing but you favourite pink teddy? To run your hands over your stockinged legs as you delight in the softness and silkiness of your nylon encased thighs?

I bet you’re now wondering just how soon you can change into your sexiest of ensembles? Deciding just which pair of panties you’d most like to wear as your anticipation builds of stripping off those boring male clothes and donning something far more sensual and provocative. Can you feel your excitment growing as you consider just how delightful it will feel to slip that black see-through neglige over your head, or to fasten your sheer nylon stockings to that favoured garter belt?

Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. In fact, I think you should feel proud that you know just what it’s like to wear such naughties, just think how much you’d be missing out on if you’d never slipped that first pair of satin panties on, only to experience the most thrilling and sensous experience of your life.

So what’s your favourite item of lingerie?

Becky x


By Rebecca Sterne Posted in Erotica

2 comments on “Your favourite lingerie item?

  1. Nylon stockings totally. I LOVE the feel of them on my skin and constantly caress my legs when I wear them. I love the way they look in sunlight. I love how my legs look in them and enjoy wearing every color and layered nylons add even more variations and shades of color. Wearing them wet adds still yet more pleasure. Beautiful. Arousing. Joyous.


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