Hot new Transgender Erotica release for July!

fbfs - Amazon coverA finishing school with a difference, where boys will be girls, and the girls play dirty!

Stacy Cox is a nineteen year old boy, slim, and as far as his stepmom Cherri is concerned, of a delicate and somewhat feminine nature. Her attempts to have him find work to supplement his college education have failed. It’s time to force the issue and find him a future that will benefit them both.

Cherri’s sister has the perfect answer. The Femme Fatale Finishing School is a school with a difference, and as luck would have it she just happens to be one of its senior tutors. She always knew this day would come, or at least she’d hoped it would. Now she has the chance to take her sister’s stepson under her wing and mould him into the sexually subservient femboy that she’s always considered him to be.

For Stacy a new and unexpected future awaits. He could never have imagined the lengths that his aunt would go to in order to have him transformed into such a sexual creature. The very idea that his stepmom has been complicit in such plans only serves to reinforce his subjugation.

Follow Stacy as he finds himself entering the ultra feminine world of the femboy, where he’s quickly feminised and sexualised by his aunt and her school. Life will never be the same, and nor will he!

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only; including scenes of forced feminization, masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, humiliation & anal sex.

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Kinky boots are the best!

woman-1473559 croppedFirst of all, a big apology for the lack of a June Newsletter! I’m afraid I’ve been off on my travels and quite unable to send one out until now… so sorry everyone.

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never really mentioned one of my all time passions. I have many – as you may have guessed, but one of my most treasured is that of owning and wearing a myriad of sexy footwear, and in particular my kinky boots!

I realise that many have a similar desire to wear such items, and one of my all time favourites is my shiny, patent, thigh length, lace up high heel boots – they’re very sexy. 😉

I admit to having a nice little collection of boots and shoes. There’s nothing quite like slipping on a pair of high heels that you just know make your calves look even sexier in those sheer stockings. Shaping your legs and making you feel just as sexy as you look.

We all have our favourites I’m sure. A pair of knee length zip up boots that hug your legs tightly perhaps? Or maybe that impossibly high pair of red shoes that just scream “SEX!” when you wear them?

Often it can be a painful experience wearing your favourite footwear. Sometimes it seems the most gorgeous and sexy looking shoes are the ones that provide the most discomfort, but it’s a discomfort that’s worth putting up with at times. After all, anything that’s worth having, usually involves some effort on our part – doesn’t it girls?

No outfit seems complete without that perfect pair of boots or shoes to complete the look – even if the outfit in question is just lingerie and little else!

Have you got a pair of favourite shoes or boots? Something that makes you feel sexy just by wearing them? I know I do!

Becky x