New release in Transgender Erotica

FSMTSD - Amazon book coverFrom Stepmom to Stepdom

Boys will be boys, until they’re made to be girls!
One boy’s taboo feminisation at the hands of the woman of the house.

Boys will be boys, and Mason and his friend Luke are no different to most teenagers. Luke’s idea of a fun game however, soon turns into Mason’s downfall.

At nineteen, Mason has been living alone with his stepmom for the past six months. She’s an attractive woman, even he admits that, but until now he’d never harboured any taboo thoughts toward her.

She was supposed to be at work for at least another two hours when his bored friend decided to delve into their laundry and produce two sets of Mason’s stepmom’s lingerie. It was just for a laugh, he said. She’d never know, he said. She wasn’t supposed to come home yet.

It’s unlikely she’s the first parent to return home to find her teenage boy dressed in her underwear, but it is unlikely that most would react in the way she does. Mason’s life is about to be turned upside down, and he’s masculine identity is going to be shaken to its very core.

Follow Mason and his stepmom as he finds himself subjected to some very naughty punishments. Where will it end? Even she doesn’t know.

This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminisation, masturbation, oral sex, anal play, spanking, taboo themes and is strictly suitable for adults only.

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