Halloween Transgender Erotica – A Sinful Shorts Special

Feminised for Halloween

~ Sinful Shorts ~

A gender-bending Halloween transformation that will haunt your hidden sissy soul!

Chris always puts everything off to the last minute, so when he arrives home having completely forgotten to pick up a costume for his wife’s best friend’s Halloween party, his wife is seriously mad. Oh boy, is he going to pay!

Lisa’s determined to have them both dressed up for the occasion, and if the only other costume available to him – is one of hers, then he’ll just have to wear it, like it or not. What neither of them could anticipate is just how convincing he is as a girl, and just what kind of attention he’s about to receive.

Follow Chris as he’s dressed for the part, with some very unexpected consequences. He’s about to learn what happens when your domineering wife dresses you for a Halloween party. Future parties are never going to be the same – for either of them!

The sixth in a series of explicit short stories by Rebecca Sterne – a bestselling author of erotic fiction. This story contains adult content including; crossdressing, forced feminisation, f/m masturbation, m/m oral sex etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.


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