First Transgender Erotica release of the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

My latest book release is now available from Amazon, and there can be no better way to ease yourself into the new year than a seductively naughty tale of taboo feminisation!


Becoming Mommy’s Girl

Becoming Mommy's Girl - CoverA sensually erotic tale of taboo feminisation

When Francis’ father leaves him and his stepmom for another life, he finds himself contending with an unhappy existence, both at college and at home. When one day his stepmom returns to catch him in an embarrassing situation, a misunderstanding ensues that will set him on a path he could never have imagined.

He discovers that the woman he has lived with since a young age has always harboured desires to have a girl. Their serendipitous coming together over a mistaken intention, along with her ready acceptance of a situation that could fulfil her needs, leaves him reluctant to destroy her new found happiness.

Follow Francis as he begins to experience feelings that he never knew he had, at the hands of a beautiful woman that is more than willing to help turn him into the young girl of her dreams.

This 19,000+ word erotic story contains adult content including; crossdressing, coerced feminisation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, taboo themes etc. and is strictly suitable for adults only.

Click on any of the following links to purchase this book exclusively through Amazon:-

(Available for free to Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers)


3 comments on “First Transgender Erotica release of the New Year!

  1. Just finished reading this beautifully written and evocative novella on my Kindle. This was my first experience with any of Rebecca Sterne’s work, and my only complaint was that it was far too short; I wanted it to go on and on. I especially loved the narrative appeal to all of the senses, especially the oft-neglected olfactory. Brava, Rebecca!


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