Makeup lessons – From boy to girl

bathroom-1296554_1280For most girls, learning to use makeup is a natural learning experience as they develop and grow. For many, they’ll be taught the basics by their mom, older sister, or just by experimenting upon themselves and with friends. They’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, and just what each makeup item is for and how to best use it. For those girls who weren’t born into the role, it can be a much more daunting prospect.

Nowadays, with the aid of the Internet and the almost instant availability of online help and guidance for pretty much anything you can think of, tgirls can now find a much more readily available source of information on just such a subject, and specifically the tips and tricks for transforming masculine features into a more feminine appearance.

This obviously hasn’t always been the case, and I’m sure there are still many tgirls out there who would benefit from some one on one tuition, however, for many this may not be a realistic possibility. If you’re one of these girls that finds themselves unable to enlist the help of another, there is one way of getting around this.

There are plenty of makeup artists / beauticians that offer their services, either at their own premises or in your own home, that would be more than willing to assist. You’d probably be surprised how many of these have already had experience of using makeup on other tgirls, and they would normally be more than happy to provide some tuition as they work.

This option does of course require the ability to pay for at least one session, but it’s unlikely to involve any prohibitive costs, and you’d be surprised just how much more confident and adept at applying your own makeup you can become with just a single one on one lesson. So if this is something that you feel the need for in order to boost your confidence and enhance your look, why not take the plunge and contact a local makeup artist. A quick chat over the phone or even an email enquiry may be all that you need to take that next step to becoming the girl you’ve always wanted to be.

Good luck girls!

Becky x