Diapers & Dominance

model-2773347Having written on the subject a number of times – including producing five erotic stories – I was given to wondering recently about the differing nature of diaper fetishes and related kinks.

It struck me that there seems to be two distinct areas, although I suspect they overlap for many of those who like to indulge themselves.

On the one hand, there seems to be a clear category of adult baby / diaper lovers that are disposed to express themselves by way of role-playing that of a young child or baby. There seems to be little sexual content in their sessions, or even any desire to include anything that may corrupt or interfere with their feelings of innocence and security.

It’s not difficult to understand the reasons behind such desires. The escapism from what can seem a harsh and stressful adult world is an easy motivation to empathise with, also the regression to an earlier time in one’s life where everything just seemed so much simpler and more straightforward is a tempting one for many.

The second category seems to be an almost exact opposite, although I suspect there are many that cross over between the two. This is a far more sexualised form of roleplaying and it seems to be more akin to bondage and domination than to regression. Sexual pleasure is derived from wearing diapers and babyish clothing, either forced or otherwise, and being dominated and “humiliated” forms a part of the role play. There is certainly a plethora of sexually explicit material available that is based around these very themes.

It’s important to stress that neither form of infantilism or diaper fetish is in any way related to underage children – far from it. It is merely another form of adult roleplay, whether sexual or not, and as such is in no way harmful for those involved or anyone else.

I’d be interested to know how often people indulge in both forms of adult baby / diaper lover play, or whether there is in fact a more definitive line between the two that is not always apparent. Either way, as long as it’s an enjoyable and fulfilling experience between consenting adults, there can be little wrong with spending some quality time dressed in diapers and cute clothing, especially when receiving that “special” attention from another that so many are lucky to have.

Whatever your particular flavour, I wish you many happy hours of indulging yourselves in the absolute cutest of sissy pleasures!

Best wishes to everyone,

Becky x


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