Androgyny – the new you?

eba3c7172db16762d396c009f5deaf01Androgynous clothing is nothing new to the fashion world, but with increasingly unisex style clothing becoming the norm, it’s far more accessable to the general populace than ever before.

For a transgender person who is more comfortable dressing in feminine clothing, the advent of such things as skinny jeans, jeggings, etc. makes it far easier than ever before to wear the clothing of their preference, even when not fully presenting as female.

I wouldn’t suggest for one moment that anyone should avoid dressing in the style of their preferred gender of course, but for many who either are not able to, or indeed prefer not to on a regular basis, but would still feel more comfortable in their own skin when wearing something attuned to their true self, then perhaps it is worth considering adopting a more androgynous way of dressing that allows for female clothing to be worn on a day to day basis.

If you’re worried about receiving odd looks from sales assistants or fellow shoppers, I would say that there really is little reason to worry so. Many men will shop for clothing on behalf of their female partners or family members, and in truth, most shop assistants will have come across males buying female clothing for themselves – so much so that it is of little surprise to them. This is especially true of some of the larger high street stores, whom quite often train their staff to be understanding and perfectly professional in their approach to Trans people.

Of course, what you wear underneath your female – albeit unisex style – clothing is entirely open to your own personal preference, as no one else would know that you’re wearing that rather fetching pair of pink panties underneath your tight jeans, right?

Sometimes it’s just a case of stopping yourself from worrying unnecessarily about what other people may think or know, as most people won’t notice, and even if they do, most people won’t actually worry what someone else is wearing.

So, if it helps to make yourself more comfortable in your own skin, then why not? As I’ve mentioned before, you have every right to be you, so be kind to yourself – and go buy those skinny jeans, because you just know they’ll look sooo much better than those baggy mens’ ones that you’ve been holding on to! 😉

Love & hugs,

Becky x

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