Aunty’s Little Sissy

auntys-little-sissy-book-coverJustin is a nineteen year old boy who’s tried the patience of his stepmom one too many times. In a bid to curtail his sexist and ungrateful ways she turns to her sister Patience for help, and sends him to live with his aunt.

His aunt is a formidable woman who knows just how to deal with young boys like him – after all, she’s had plenty of practice – unbeknown to Justin.

Whatever he thought the outcome of his intended punishment would be, he could have no inkling of just how far this woman was perfectly willing and able to go in her aims at subduing and controlling his behaviour.

Welcome to the world of female dominated sissies, where gender lines become blurred and sexuality is entirely fluid. Where boys find themselves no longer in charge and strong women hold the key to their future – in more ways than one!

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only, including scenes of forced feminization, masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, bondage & anal play.

Amazon categories: Transgender, Feminization, Forced Feminization, Sissy Fiction, Transgender Erotica, Erotica Short Stories, Transvestite Fiction.

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