Becoming Daddy’s Girl

BDG Front CoverCarl’s wife has left him and now it’s just him and his step son, Andy.  They’ve always been close but their relationship is about to take on a closeness that neither of them could have anticipated or prepared for.

Andy’s mother has left her old life behind, leaving everything including her clothes.  In a moment of weakness and curiosity Andy finds some of her clothes in the laundry hamper and tries them on.  The resulting discovery by his father awakens a hidden desire within both of them that they are unable or unwilling to ignore.

Follow Carl and his Step Son Andy, as Andy finds himself being transformed into a Daddy’s girl in every way possible.  Their lives will never be the same again!

This is a sexually explicit story containing scenes of oral sex, anal sex, masturbation and feminisation.  All characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

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