Feminised by Schoolgirls

Feminised by Schoolgirls - Front CoverDonny is an eighteen year old college boy who struggles with his independence. Passing by the local finishing school for girls on a daily basis, he develops a growing curiosity about this traditional girl’s institute. When hearing some rather curious activities taking place on the other side of the school’s boundary wall, his inquisitiveness swiftly gets the better of him.

In an impetuous act he scales a tree with the intention of spying upon the unseen girls. His clumsy attempt at peeping sees him fall from the boundary wall to land inside of the school grounds. With no easy way out available and in an attempt to avoid being discovered, he flees further into the school grounds, only to be caught red handed by some very surprised schoolgirls that have no intention of letting him go easily.

He is about to experience the humiliation of being forced into schoolgirl dress. Kept in this way against his will and fearful of discovery by the staff, he endures further indignities being meted out that culminate in a failed escape attempt and being subjected to school punishment, with one male teacher showing a less than professional interest in this new girl’s welfare.

Follow Donny’s fate at the hands of his tormentors, as he’s feminised and played with in the most intimate of fashions by his schoolgirl captors. He knows he must escape their clutches, but his resolve to do so could be sorely tested.

This is an erotic story of forced schoolgirl feminisation, including sexual scenes of masturbation, oral sex and feminisation.  All characters depicted are over 18 years.

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