From College Boy to Schoolgirl

MWMFAS Front Cover 3Corey is nineteen years old and having been suspended from his college, finds himself at a loss as to what to do next. His stepmom Stacy, a deputy governess of the nearby Fairfield College for Girls, is busy teaching young women of a similar age in their final student years.

Home tutoring is not an option for a busy woman such as herself, but having left her stepson alone in the house to complete his chores, she returns home to find him not only wearing her underwear, but having disgraced himself in the process.

An audacious plan for his future schooling begins to take shape. Corey could never have expected such a turnaround in his fortunes, nor could he have dreamed of how he would one day discover his own sexuality, whilst at the same time embracing his latent femininity at the hands of his stepmom.

Follow Corey’s journey into a world of femininity, as Stacey opens up the door to not only his future girlhood, but such pleasures that he could only have experienced as the young woman he is destined to be.

This is an erotic story of schoolgirl feminisation, including sexual scenes of masturbation, oral sex and feminisation.  All characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

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