How I Was Turned Into My Girlfriend’s Little Sister

draft cover 2Louis is an eighteen year old college boy who lives with his girlfriend Laura and her mom. He now occupies Laura’s older sister’s bedroom which still has the look of a little girl’s room, the only difference being that his clothes have replaced Nicole’s.

Home alone one afternoon he finds Nicole’s old clothes packed into boxes, ready to be given away. In a moment of bored curiosity he takes the opportunity to try them on. Prancing around the house dressed as a young girl he is soon laid out on the couch and experiencing a rampant teenage boy’s arousal.

If only Laura and her mom hadn’t arrived home early, he would have returned the clothes to their original boxes and no-one would have been any the wiser…if only. Caught in a most degrading act by his girlfriend’s mom, he is soon put over her lap and suffers a most humiliating form of punishment before being embarrassed even further with the addition of a girl’s diaper.

At first he is in fear of being evicted onto the street with his relationship in tatters, but Laura and her mom have plans for him that he could never have foreseen. His ongoing feminisation is peppered with newly experienced sexual acts as he is transformed into a little sister and daughter, one degradation at a time.

Follow Louis in his enforced journey to becoming Louise, as Laura and her mom transform him into a sexy young girl. A young girl that will satisfy their every whim whilst losing his old self in a world of femininity and sexual exploits. Will there ever be a way back? Indeed, will he ever want to come back?

This is an erotic story of forced feminisation including sexual scenes of masturbation, oral sex, M/M, M/F, F/F, diaper play and feminisation.  All characters depicted are over 18 years.

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