In Mommy’s Shoes

In Mommy's shoes - Amazon book coverThe sexually explosive sequel to ‘In My Sister’s Shoes’.

Jake’s coerced feminization in his stepsister’s clothing after being caught in her underwear has created an urge within that he’s struggling to deny. His feelings of desire to once again experience the thrill of female clothing get the better of him, and before he knows it, he’s stealing into his stepmom’s room whilst he has the house to himself.

Finding her laundry basket, he’s soon immersed in the joys of her lingerie until she returns home unexpectedly. He thinks his world is about to fall apart, but her reaction to catching him red-handed in her most intimate of clothing is not what he expects.

Now both his stepsister and stepmom know of his little secret, and they’re about to make things a whole lot worse by taking full advantage of his exquisitely erotic predicament.

Follow Jake as he tumbles further into the taboo world of family feminization and sexual torments. Will this latest of indiscretions land him in a whole heap of trouble, or will it simply open the door to an even deeper sexual feminization at the hands of his step family?

This is a sexually explicit tale, suitable for adults only. Contains scenes of forced femme, panty worship, femdom (female domination), masturbation and oral sex. All characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

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