In My Sister’s Panties 2

In My Sisters Panties 2 - Front coverI slowly took my clothes off in front of her until I was standing there clad only in her panties. My hands naturally moved in front of me as if to hide my embarrassment.

‘I’m sure I said that you had to ask before taking my panties in future, didn’t I?’ She asked.

Tina had caught me out again. The feminization that I’d been subjected to by my stepsister and her friends over the past few days had already changed my life. Now it looked as though I was heading for even more, and I had no idea where it would lead me to this time.

Michael’s new identity as Michelle, Tina’s feminized plaything, had led him to experience being a girl as he’d never imagined before. Now witness him experiencing a girl’s life with even more extreme results at the devious hands of his stepsister, Tina.

This continuing Transgender tale of steamy taboo crossdressing will leave you breathless with excitement and wet with desire!

All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older and are not blood related.  Contains sexual scenes including;  M/M, Taboo M/F, Forced Feminisation etc.

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