In My Sister’s Panties

In My Sisters Panties - Cover V2a“No!  I won’t do it!”  I shouted at my sister.  She was standing in the doorway to my room holding out a pair of yellow panties, her panties.  She simply smiled at me with an evil glint in her eye.

My secret obsession with wearing my Sister’s panties was out!  I’d snuck into her room many a time when I had the house to myself to try them on, looking through her drawers to find matching bras and even trying on one or two of her dresses.  I thought I’d gotten away with it…..until now!

Now she wanted to dress me up in her clothes in front of her friends, and goodness knows what else she had planned after that.

Michael’s descent into being feminised by his own sister has only just begun.  Follow their exploits as Tina gives Michael far more than he could ever have wanted….or expected as Michelle, Tina’s new little Sister.

This steamy tale of taboo cross-dressing will leave you gasping for breath!

All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older and are not blood related. Contains sexual scenes including;  M/M, Taboo M/F, Forced Feminisation etc.

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