My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl 2

My husband is now my sissy baby girl 2 - coverFollowing Christine’s decision to forcibly dress her moping and lazy husband Danny as a baby girl under the influence of her scheming sister-in-law.  Danny finds himself being transported away from his home wearing a diaper and dressed in the prettiest of baby girl clothes to begin his new life as Danielle, to be carefully supervised by the formidable Ms Thorndyke and her nieces.

Danny soon finds himself strapped into a crib at Ms Thorndyke’s home and subjected to the most humiliating of babification treatments in order to break him of his will and create a most submissive and obedient sissy baby girl for his wife to possess.

Realising that his mind is being slowly but inexorably bent to their will, Danny fights to retain what there is of his manhood but it soon feels like a losing battle.

Join Danny in his continuing journey into sissyhood, whether he likes it or not!

If you like stories of forced sissification, adult babyhood and diaper play then this is one story not to be missed!

Includes scenes of female domination, paddling, forced regression/feminisation, adult babies, masturbation, oral sex and mild anal play.

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