My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl

My husband is now my sissy baby girl - coverChristine’s patience is wearing thin.  Her husband Danny has been made redundant from his job and is failing to take responsibility for either himself or the house.  She feels her relationship is failing until her sister suggests an unorthodox approach to taking back control of her man and her life.

Danny’s scheming sister-in-law convinces his wife that he is no longer deserving to be the man of the house and that he would be far happier as her obedient little sissy baby girl.  Danny then finds himself subjected to forced sissification and babyhood, a most unexpected fate that could change his life forever.

If you like stories of forced sissification, adult babyhood and diaper play then this is one story not to be missed!

Includes scenes of female domination, paddling, forced regression/feminisation, adult babies, masturbation and mild anal play.

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