Our Feminised Brother

OFBFinalCoverSimon has always been in the shadow of his athletic older stepbrother Brad and stunningly attractive younger stepsister Tanya.  When he inadvertently finds himself being dressed in Tanya’s cheerleader uniform whilst in a local restaurant, his journey of feminisation has only just begun.

Coerced into wearing his sister’s lingerie once back at home and under strict instructions not to dress as a boy whilst their parents are away, he is soon performing the kind of sexual acts that he has only ever read about in smutty magazines.

Forced to confront his own growing feelings of desire and fulfillment in his new female guise as Simone.  He can only begin to guess at where this unexpected transformation into the plaything of his step siblings will eventually take him.

This is a sexually explicit story containing scenes of oral sex, masturbation and feminisation.  All characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

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