Punished in Mommy’s Panties

PIMP CoverGloria’s step son Timothy, has angered her for the last time.  Once again he has humiliated her daughter in the most inappropriate of manners, and his disrespectful behaviour towards the women in his life has instigated a determination within her to deal with her step son for once and for all.

In a fit of despair she finds herself not only spanking his bottom, but on instinct making him put on a pair of her panties and parading him in front of his step sister.  The embarrassment of being made to wear his step mom’s panties is only matched in intensity by his subsequent arousal at the same act.

Timothy finds himself being renamed Tessy and subjected to not only his step mom’s feminisation, but his step sister’s own brand of unique punishment.  Follow this erotically charged and explicit tale of taboo feminisation, as Timothy is turned into Tessy one pair of panties at a time!

This is a sexually explicit story containing scenes of oral sex, masturbation and feminisation.  All characters depicted are over 18 years and are not blood related.

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