Taming Jessica

HC1Cover - v1Jessica Dawson is in danger of being sent to prison until she is offered an alternative sentence at The Heaton Institute for Wayward Girls. It seems to be the soft option until she finds herself subjected to bare bottom spankings and caning from it’s strict administration. Disobedience will simply not be tolerated, and the staff appear to derive pleasure from subjecting their girls to the most embarrassing of public punishments and torments. Expected to dress in a traditional schoolgirl uniform, she also finds herself experiencing her dorm leader’s own special brand of punishment.

Discovering that she is entirely at the mercy of this most unconventional of institutes until only they decide otherwise, escape seems to be her only option, but this would mean leaving her new found friendship with Becky, a girl that she finds herself feeling more than just an innocent friendship towards.

This is a truly erotic account of a young lady’s experiences at the hands of a traditionally strict, yet unorthodox institution for girls . As if scenes of erotically charged bare bottomed spankings, caning and paddling are not enough, you’ll also find some of the hottest scenes of forced lesbianism and more inside. This book really will leave you panting for more!

All characters are 18 years or over. Includes scenes of; Public humiliation, spankings, corporal punishment, bondage, lesbianism and water sports.

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