Turned into a Girl at the Office

turned-into-a-girl-at-the-office-coverJulian is a twenty-one year old boy who’s desperate for a new job having moved to the city. An agency is surprisingly quick to find an opening, one which he’s offered with little more than a picture for his new employer to go on. Could this be a lucky break? Or is there more to this than meets the eye?

He soon finds himself entering the offices of a most unconventional employer, one where they waste no time in finding a reason to strip him of his male clothing and punish him in the most humiliating of ways. He’s presented with his attractive female colleagues clothes in order to cover himself and is swiftly immersed into a surreal and sexual world of feminization and submission.

Follow Julian’s story as he attempts to come to terms with his new identity and decide whether or not he should allow himself to be transformed from Julian into Julie, with all the unexpected twists and turns that this could entail.

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only, including scenes of masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex, anal play & anal sex.

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