Turned into a Sexy Hotel Maid

tiashm-book-coverA Young Man’s Journey into a world of Forced Feminization and Sexual Service

Alex is a young man desperate for work. Sent to fill a vacancy in a prestigious hotel his casual appearance is soon questioned by his new and fearsome supervisor. Short-handed and in need of additional help a compromise is quickly found, one that sees him being stripped of his male clothing.

He soon finds himself falling foul of one of the hotel’s most important VIP guests, and having suffered the embarrassment of being mistaken for a girl, he is soon coerced into donning a far more traditional uniform, one usually reserved for female maids only. A series of sexual encounters are soon to follow in his new guise, taking him ever deeper into a deception that leaves him reeling from his own shocking acts of intimacy.

Can Alex overcome this most unexpected of first days as a hotel employee, or will he be pulled ever deeper into a world of feminization and sexual service?

This is a sexually explicit tale of male feminization designed strictly for adults only, including scenes of feminization, masturbation, m/f oral sex, m/m oral sex.

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